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Guide to Submission

If you have read through the Editorial Guidelines, fully understanding them and agreeing to abide by them, then it’s time to create your submission.
Here we have outlined the process of creating your submission.

Article Structure Guidelines:

Please ensure the following article structure is maintained, if the structure is not maintained then we will automatically reject your article.

Submission Structure

Submission Structure

1. Title : The title must be short (no more than 4 short words and sicinct). Our style is to have a few single keywords that represent the article seperated by punctuation. For example: Warhol. Exhibit. June

2. Blurb : The article must first start with a blurb/intro. As concise as possible, outlining the nature of the artcile.

3. Title Image : The title image is mandatory. It must be right aligned and must be of a suitable size (of a medium size, not too large and not too small). Please do not upload images to the servers. Your images must be inserted via a URL – you can use a service like to upload your images then insert them into your post.

4. Additional Information: It is required that you have the following information:
* Where – What is the location of the event/posting?
* When – What are the dates and times?
* How much – What is the cost?

5. Main Content: The major portion of the article should go here. You may add your link at the end of the article, but remember – you must provide a link back to on this linked page or the link will be removed.

How Do I Submit An Article?

It is easy and quick to submit a new article to
We use a WordPress system that allows you to submit an article using a graphically based editing tool and submission service.

The following steps outline how you go about submitting an article:

1. Create a login by navigating to:

2. Log into our Articles Submission section by navigating to:

3. Once logged in, on the left navigation bar you will see “Posts”.

4. By clicking on Posts, it will open a another submenu with the “Add New” option.

5. Click the “Add New” link and you will be taken to the editor. Please see image below of the Editor and also some details on how to use it.

How To Use The Editor.

Please find below a screen shot of the editor and an explaination of it’s usage:

Editor Guide

Editor Guide

1. This is the space for the title of the article, please ensure it meets the editorial guidelines.

2. Here you can insert an image using the editor’s Upload/Insert tool. Please note you will not be able to upload images, the image must be accessed via a URL. Please insert the image using the Upload/Insert tool bar and follow prompts to “Add an Image” -> “From URL”. DO NOT add a “Link To Image” or your article will be rejected. Remember to ensure images meet editorial guidelines.

3. Write the main body of your article here. Remember to ensure images meet editorial guidelines.

4. Choose an appropriate Category for your article. If there is no appropriate one, then leave the default. If you wish to suggest a new category, please use the Contact form to suggest one.

5. Preview your article – making sure that it fits within the Editorial Guidelines.

6. Submit your article for review.

… and that’s it!

After you have submitted your article for review, we will endeavour to review it within 2 – 3 days.
You will be alerted if your article has been approved or rejected (and needs more editing by you).
Articles obviously not meeting the Editorial Guidelines will be automatically deleted without any notifications.

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