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Please Follow The Following Article Structure Guidelines:

Please ensure the following article structure is maintained, if the structure is not maintained then we will automatically reject your article.

Submission Structure

Submission Structure

1. Title : The title must be short (no more than 4 short words and sicinct). Our style is to have a few single keywords that represent the article separated by punctuation. For example: Warhol. Exhibit. June

2. Blurb : The article must first start with a blurb/intro. As concise as possible, outlining the nature of the article.

3. Title Image : The title image is mandatory. It must be right aligned and must be of a suitable size (of a medium size, not too large and not too small). Please do not upload images to the servers. Your images must be inserted via a URL – you can use a service like to upload your images then insert them into your post.

4. Additional Information: It is required that you have the following information:
* Where – What is the location of the event/posting?
* When – What are the dates and times?
* How much – What is the cost?

5. Main Content: The major portion of the article should go here. You may add your link at the end of the article, but remember – you must provide a link back to on this linked page or the link will be removed.



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