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Double Time

Two artists, one studio, sharing space, and time

Exhibiting Artists:
Miranda Boulton and Jane Pryor

Miranda Boulton and Jane Pryor have been visiting each other’s studios for several years.

This exhibition is a result of their conversations about their processes, inspirations and motivations in the studio. They now share a studio space, and not only is this shared space situated within their visual dialogue, but so are the other spaces each artist passes through; whether this is home/studio, sleep/waking or yesterday/today.

Miranda and Jane make studio paintings that are concerned with the act of painting and the record of that time in the studio – as curator Ulrich Loock says, the ‘traces of passing circumstances.’

The notion of ‘double time’ is explored as the space in between. The space between studio sessions. The space between layers. The space between gestures and marks. And most significantly, the space between looking, thinking and remembering.

Time folds in and around itself and back out again as the artist-friends create the visual reminder of this process.

Jane works with abstraction in terms of mark, colour, and form. Her interest is in the recursion of motifs, and their shifting out of frame. Edges are important to her as a trace of the unseen space between locations; but these locations are not necessarily identifiable. Jane also engages with the idea of the opportune moment, as a fragment that interrupts the flow of time.

Miranda’s work explores the distance between her source material, which is usually computer based and found at night, and her day-time work in the studio. Her desire to recover the found night-time image as a memory, is eventually abandoned as the work writes its own narrative in the layers of paint and marks. Miranda shows the viewer the archaeology of her paintings’ histories. Her work questions the premise that paintings are static objects, she thinks of them of bundles of speed and energy.

Author: Rebecca Fairman

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