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David Salle: Musicality and Humour
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David Salle, Autumn Rhythm, 2018 (1)

Skarstedt is delighted to announce an exhibition of a new body of work by David Salle (b. 1952) at the London gallery in March 2019. Presented for the first time, these vibrant paintings showcase Salle’s continued preoccupation with composition – the process of establishing the relationships of everything in the painting to everything else – as both the engine of painting and its subject. All the elements of painting are relational, and their relations can either be fixed, or liable to shift. Salle has made the shifting, swirling, dynamic of pictorial/spatial relationships his arena.

Author: Natalie Ahmed

  • Skarstedt
    8 Bennet Street
    St James’s
    SW1A 1RP

  • 5 March - 26 April 2019
  • Free

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