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Talk Together: London Art Fair
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Hanmi Gallery London is pleased to present the duo exhibition Talk Together at the Dialogues section of Art Projects in London Art Fair 2018, featuring two international artists: Yingmei Duan and Aisha Abid Hussain. The annually curated Dialogues section introduces a unique display of collaborations between international galleries. This year’s Dialogues’ main concept is ‘Future is Female’ in which Hanmi Gallery participates with the theme, ‘As an ontological reality: Image is Female’, dedicated to the female psyche and its complex forms of ontologies and perspectives of epistemologies.

Duan’s and Hussain’s works explore, share and juxtapose concepts and philosophies through photography, drawing and video, having a common ground as well as combining intellectually: Duan, in a poetic and introspected way, and Hussain, as a rebel and critic.

Using and emphasising their bodies as one of the privileged medium to express their philosophies, the artists build simple and basic scenarios, rich in symbolism and gender criticism, intertwining aspects of consciousness and unconsciousness. Within this scenic frame, objects and personalities speak to each other as they are released from their habitual context. Through this new layout, viewers can experience the artists’ concepts and their unexpected existential reflections. Challenging the boundaries between mediums, both artists investigate and question the social foundations of the self and gender identity.

With a profound sensitivity and an extraordinary expertise in expressing concepts through their bodies, Duan and Hussain share a fertile imagination and introspection. The personal dimension assumes cultural and political connotations, forming an everlasting evolution, development and expanding net. Their scenarios are loaded with symbolic and poetic meanings, oscillating between fiction and reality and fusing the artists’ reflections and those of the audience. These themes, such as a familiar loss, the fragility of life, gender preconceptions and individual loneliness give birth to touching dialogues. The voice of these artists invites the audience to immerse in the forest of their dense and complicated thoughts, feelings and concepts.

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