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“Wildlings” exhibition

“The Ped Poppy Beneath Henry Moore Sculpture, Wisley” by Paul Debois

“Wildlings”, “Wilding or Wildling….a plant sown by natural agency” (Oxford English Dictionary).  The gardening expert Alys Fowler; painter and photographer Lynn Keddie and the photographer Paul Debois present an exciting joint project at Oh! Gallery.

Where? Oxford House Gallery

When? From the 1th of May to the 14th off June. Opening event on the 24th of May at 6:30pm

Tickets: No fee or booking is requested for this event.



“Wildlings” exhibition celebrates the ordinary everyday weed or wildling.  However much we try to tame our cities, to bound our flora between concrete and tarmac, to house them in flower beds or pots, they escape.  Photographs of Paul document wild plants growing in unusual circumstances, while Lynn evolves these unique visions of weed into artworks. At the same time, Alys’ commentaries complete this unique journey, inviting the viewer to take notice of the botany, history and geography in an urban context.

The opening will be celebrated on the 24th May at 6:30pm.  During this event Paul, Lynn and will be available to answer all guest’ questions while the Pop up Bar will be serving botanically brewed cocktails and wild edibles.


More information on or

This event is part of Chelsea Fringe Festival 2014 at OH!



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