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Kim Thome. Islington.

Wiliam Benington Gallery presents a program of contemporary British sculpture and 3D design. We run exhibitions throughout the year from our gallery in Islington, London and every summer we run Sculptural, a large-scale outdoor exhibition at Coombe Trenchard, West Devon. Our next exhibition is a full gallery installation by Norwegian sculptor/designer Kim Thome.
William Benington Gallery
20 Arlington Way
020 3659 5818
16th July – 20th August 2013
Opening hours:
Tuesday 11am – 6pm
Wednesday 11am – 6pm
Thursday 11am – 7pm
Friday 11am – 6pm
Saturday 11am – 6pm
Or by appointment

‘Works On Reflection II’ is a spatial installation which is the result of a longer investigation exploring the ‘reflective’. Using the gallery space as the canvas, the installation will use the ‘reflective’ as medium. Colour, geometry and patterns are central in staging a fictional space for these to merge, creating an ephemeral ever-changing environment.

Semi-transparent and reflective material such as two-way mirror allows Kim to manipulate the fore and background of the piece in such a way that the graphic aesthetic becomes something of a relational experience with the viewer.

Fascinated by the obscure reality projected in semi-reflective surfaces, these calculated interventions play with our expectancy of our surroundings and spaces.

William Benington Gallery is now nestled on a Georgian backstreet behind Sadler’s Wells Theatre close to Exmouth market, we are easily accessible by both Angel Underground and Farringdon stations.

We will be presenting a program of sculpture and design exhibitions from some of the most exciting makers working in Britain today.

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