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Rough Science. Satdeep Grewal

The Brady Arts Centre, off Brick Lane, hosts the debut solo exhibition of painter and sculptor Satdeep Grewal.


Brady Arts Centre,
192-196 Hanbury Street,
off Brick Lane,
London, E1 5HU

1st-31st May 2013;
Mondays-Fridays 9am-7pm;
Saturdays 9am-5pm

Entrance is free

This is an intelligent, thought-provoking, and confident debut by a bold and exciting new artist.  The exhibition is called Rough Science, and the catalogue describes it as “work themed around scientific imagery and mathematics…  abstract forms and tactile surfaces to convey the inquisitiveness and fluidity permeating seemingly objective, rigid approaches to the world.”  Grewal achieves this in different ways.  Some of the works play with perception or the “gap” between “reality” and “lived experience” – Pylon #1 and Pylon #2 give us two versions of an electricity pylon: one strong and hard with crisp clear lines; the second, somehow oozing and crude and strange, like an image lifted directly from the unconscious or like a sick thing.  Other pieces draw on scientific principles or concepts such as the golden ratio in Grewal’s bandage sculpture Spiral [pictured]. The slowly decaying and shifting malleable elements of the vivid and menacing Carcinoma are based on a type of cancer.  Still some of the works seem to invoke or hint at a kind of magical or fantastical sense of “science” – part medieval, part futuristic: often, in a kind of alchemy.  “I like to play with the reciprocity between organic processes and man-made forms like architecture and everyday objects,” Grewal explains. “Philosophically, I am interested in breaking down binaries such as science vs the unscientific, maths vs. the unmathematical, and exploring how these different stand-points are essentially part of one another.”

Grewal is subversive in a consistently challenging way, and so imbues ordinary objects and ordinary experiences with new power.  In Train to Liverpool #1 and Train to Liverpool #2 you feel you are looking at a dream-scape, or a sea-scape, or the mythical home of a mythical sea monster. Fleet Pond takes a section of Fleet Nature Reserve and plays with colour and depth to give what should be an innocuous scene, an eerie and hallucinogenic quality. Layers of gleaming and amorphous cerulean blobs swim amongst pale ochre forms in Idea Form, which is framed by a fine maze of grey whorls and blood red stitching. It’s called “Idea” but you want to touch it.

Throughout the exhibition, colours and materials are used in a bold and creative but understated way that points to Grewal’s confidence and ambition.  This is an exhibition that rewards a second view.

Website of Satdeep Grewal Rough Science:


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