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A much anticipated photographic exhibition “ESCAPE” in the heart of Notting Hill with sixty stunning new works from breakthrough photographers Charlotte Fielding and Philippa Gedge.


“There are some people you meet that just exude an enthusiasm for their craft that goes above and beyond ‘work’ and Philippa and Charlotte are two such people.” – Chelsea Davine, artist and founder of The Shed Photography.


Where: The Tabernacle, 35 Powis Square, Notting Hill, London, W11 2AY

When: 17th – 23rd June. 10am – 6pm daily.

Cost: Free to visit.


About the Show… The verb ‘To Escape’ conjours up negative connotations of escaping the clutches, running away, fleeing, breaking away or avoiding the negative. This exhibition challenges this preconception and culminates in a body of work that takes the viewer on an uplifting journey.

There are a number of interesting and vibrant photo series within the show all linked to the notion of “ESCAPE” and the different facets within the term.

Each of  the images in the exhibition has been chosen due to it’s represention and link to some form of Escape, whatever it may be. Whether it be escaping the rain, escaping the city, or finding escapism in your dreams, this exhibition will take you on a journey that allows you to escape from your daily life, if just for a while….


Philippa and Charlotte warmly invite you to the exhibition in June and hope that you enjoy the “ESCAPE.”


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  2. Philippa Gedge says:

    Thank you Fine Art London! We love this blog entry.

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