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Cherry BlossomMargaret Street Gallery is pleased to announce the launch of Transplant, a photographic exhibition by Patrick and Tristram Fetherstonhaugh, on 18 April 2013.Transplant is a deceptively uncomplicated series of photographic prints of London blossom trees by Patrick and Tristram Fetherstonhaugh, taking a classic subject and approaching it with a uniquely rigorous, process-based method to explore cross-cultural connections



Margaret St Gallery

63 Margaret Street





Monday by Appointment Only
Tuesday – Friday 10.00 – 18.00
Saturday 12.00 – 16.00




Transplant | 18 April 2013 – 25 May 2013 |


The process involved the two brothers walking through the city from their studio, taking a single photograph of each blossom-covered tree they came to until the roll of film ran out. The photographs were taken with a Japanese-made Nikon camera using Japanese Fuji film. The unexposed rolls were then sent to Tokyo to be developed and printed, physically making the journey suggested by the cultural connection between blossom trees in London and the symbolism of blossom in Japan – in doing this what looks like a simple picture is, in fact, the physical embodiment of a thought process connecting two countries.

The images are immediate and instinctive reactions to each individual tree and every print is a physical item with a specific history. Since the printing of the images and their journey are both integral parts of the complete work each print is a unique piece

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