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This Spring Nicholas Alvis Vega will show 14 brand new works at Rove Gallery, Hoxton Square. Each oil painting is a copy of an iconic english assignment help work of art such as Reuben’s and Rembrandts that have been defaced, and question the legacy of male gaze in art, reflecting an attitude of women in fashion and advertising today. Private View: 8th March, from 6pm with special guest DJs Margot Bowman and Tree Carr. Nicholas Alvis Vega will also be available to host private press appointments along with discussions about the exhibition on 6th and 7th March, 2013.

Rove Gallery
Lincoln House
33-34 Hoxton Square
London N1 6NN
9th March – 6th April, 2013.    
Opening hours:
Tuesday – Saturday
10am – 6pm and by appointment
How Much
The introduction of a modern ‘pin up’ into the compositions references the Virgin/Whore paradigm and the irony that women of ‘ill repute’, serving as models for artists, and often immortalised as Goddesses and saints.

Each imitation work of art has been vandalised with materials such as luminescent, acrylic finger paint, black gloss house paint, glitter glue and gold leaf, producing primitive bi-fold abstracts giving reason behind the exhibition title: “Nymphae” being female sexual organs and “Nymphalidae” the markings on butterfly wings.

About the Artist:

An artist of many different mediums; there is a common theme and influence traced throughout Alvis Vega’s work; including interior and furniture design, sculpture and photography.

Alvis Vega is deliberately vague; his name is not his legal name, he has shown under several different aliases, in different places and at different times. Brought up in East Africa of English parents, Nicholas Alvis Vega steadfastly refuses to give any dates. Today he lives between his London studio and spends part of each year between here, his home in Jaipur, India and Marrakech, Morocco. He has also previously lived in Kenya, Mexico, New York, Los Angeles, and West Texas.

As a teenager he will admit to having been thrown out of a London art school for activities incompatible with the reputation of the establishment in question; the specific reason is that while undertaking a sculpture of a female crucifixion, he had taken a series of body casts, on the college premises, of his underage girlfriend, the woman who remains to be his partner to this very day. He was also expelled from his school for submitting a series of drawings showing the crucified Jesus as a naked hermaphrodite to the school magazine.

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