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The Global Archive. Exhibit

susan pui san lok, RoCH fans, work in progress

Hanmi Gallery, in collaboration with the International Association for Visual Culture and University of Westminster is pleased to announce the 17th interim exhibition ‘The Global Archive’ by a group of international artists whose work puts the question of the archive at the heart of contemporary visual arts practice. They do this because the archive is a means by which we delineate the past after the fact. It is how we define the present as it unfolds. It is how we conceive our fictions of the future. Inevitably, the future itself vibrates here also, interrupting the present, but doing so only to demand that we concede it is unknown to us.


Hanmi Gallery,
30 Maple Street,
W1T 6HA,

When? 24th Thursday January – 9th Saturday February 2013, 12-6 pm (Monday closed)
Private View : 23rd Wednesday January, 6 – 9 pm

How Much?




Artists: Tom Corby, with Gavin Baily and Jonathan Mackenzie,  Shazed Dawood, Young-In Hong and susan pui san lok

Curated by: Marquard Smith with Emma Brasó and Nina Trivedi

The archive for these artists, then, it is a repository, an inventory, a source, and a resource. It is a place of authority and power, a site for the storage, generation, transmission, and distribution of knowledge. It is a provocation also, for as we look to produce and animate it anew, we figure out that it precedes and arranges us also.

Why the global archive? For these artists the archive as it travels in time and space is an organising principle of global dimensions. As an arrangement, it is a network that is worldwide and planetary. As an ecology, it is a circulating of carefully decided upon knowledges, information and data, images and ideas and gestures. Each decision is a drop in a body of water that comprises the archive, and that floods it, sweeps through it, a flowing effected by mass, tension, velocities, trajectories, and scatterings. As a condition of our time, the global archive as a communicative medium of exchange shapes, and is shaped by, the routes these artists carve through it. Their decisions are our diagram.

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