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Orchids in Shoreditch!

Art of Life, a group of Dutch pot orchid growers have unveiled a new exhibition of orchid inspired art at the Village Underground, Shoreditch, East London, to raise awareness about the versatility of the exotic beauties.


Great Eastern Street,


Wednesday 12th December- Sunday 23rd December

FREE Orchid giveaways on site- Friday 21st December

The exhibition comprises of a collection of four pieces of original artwork by graffiti collective ‘Graffiti Kings’ featuring “breakthrough” style art, whereby each piece will look as if it has been punched through the wall to expose the inside of the building; to reveal a series of windows into a home dressed with an array of pot orchids.

The street orchid exhibition forms part of an on-going awareness campaign by Art of Life, who believe that the 25,000 species of orchid are all unique and pieces of art in their own right, with their diverse shapes, colours and patterns.  As part of the exhibition, the passing spectators will be given the opportunity to win a luxury weekend in Amsterdam and a visit to a Dutch orchid grower.

‘Graffiti Kings’ is one of London’s most well-known urban street art groups. Pioneers of the London Graffiti scene, the collective now have an international following thanks to their unique fusion of individual styles and efforts to promote graffiti as a form of fine art.

Commenting on the exhibition, they said: “Nature has traditionally provided artists with great sources of inspiration, and with these pieces of work we are fusing the tradition of flower-inspired art with a contemporary and modern backdrop, this time based on the Queen of plants; the Orchid.

“Just like paintings and other works of art, the intricate form of the orchid deserves to be admired, and there’s no better place to bring this message to life then on the streets of the East End – home to one of the world’s greatest flower markets.  Merging the two will let Londoners encounter a unique experience and the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of orchids.”

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