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Digital Art at its Best

Digital Fine Artist Peter Mc Lane is commemorating 25 years of digital creation and is celebrating by holding his 25-Year Anniversary Exhibition in London.

The Lightgallery
5A Porchester Place
London W2 2BS

Open days with Peter are being held on 7, 8 and 9 November 14:00 – 21:00.

3 – 17 November 2012.
Open 09:00 – 21:00 every day.

How much?

Free admission



French-born Peter Mc Lane is considered one of the early pioneers of digital art and this is his very first exhibition in the UK. His paintings are all original pieces that provoke and challenge the way people perceive digital art; their colour and luminosity are truly outstanding. Peter is a formally trained, traditional painter. The traditional, however, was not something Peter ever ventured into.

”To me, the move from painting on canvas to painting on screen felt as natural and innovative as it must have felt to go from walls to canvas. I discovered you could paint on a computer whilst playing with an ATARI in a recording studio some 25 years ago, during a former life as a singer. I entered a magical world where nature unselfishly provided me with the most magnificent colour palette and I was given absolute freedom. This was a true revelation. If the greatest painters across time had had these tools at their disposition, they would have been able to express themselves at a much higher level.

The rest is in your imagination. Having a computer paint programme will not make you an artist, you still have to paint the picture, there are no shortcuts there; although, you do have a lot of magnificent tools to entice you to experiment. I have worked with every digital paint programme on the market since version 1.

Digital technology gave me the means to express my soul and I feel I have arrived where I wanted to go. If I can now pass that passion on, I will have been successful at what I set out to do.”

Don’t miss this opportunity to see these works.


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