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Pause Exhibition @ Blackall Studios

The contributors of the forthcoming Pause exhibition are a collective of fourteen emerging artists from around the UK. They have come together to exhibit their most recent work in the vibrant Shoreditch area of London. With the dates coinciding with the Olympics, they hope to attract an international audience. The work is an eclectic mix; with investigations into painting and print, appropriation, animation, sculpture and drawing.


Blackall Studios,
73 Leonard Street
London EC2A 4QS

Opening Event 4th August (6pm – 9pm)
Exhibition runs until 8th August

How much?
Free Entry


Artist Info (a sample of 3):

Michael Dryden’s work is driven by an interest in the tools and technologies that humans have developed throughout history. His sculpture explores the newfound significance of objects and materials at a time when the division between offline and online reality is in flux. In his most recent work, Michael has sought to memorialize the tools of the industrial age and provide the viewer with a dual perspective of looking backwards through history and forwards into an uncertain future.

Charlotte Bownass’s drawings and paintings are informed by obscure memories of chance encounters. She is driven by an interest in the ideas of escapism using story telling to reduce boundaries between the ‘inner world’ of the artist and the ‘outer world’ of the viewer. Her work is fed by references to a multitude of influences, marrying both Western representational and abstract painting and a strong interest in Eastern art, in particular Indian Miniatures.

Lizz Dobinson is in constant deliberation as to whether her decisions when painting have been reasoned consciously or intuited. Her work is a readable journey, through which changes in mood and energy can be experienced. Great swathes of colour act like screens, disguising previous activity. The images are not so much trying to create or allude to a space or place; in terms of how we understand physical space in the real world, they are more like the space of thought.

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