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Down To Earth

Gazelli Art House is launching a new exhibition, ‘Down To Earth’, on the 1st of April 2011 at a temporary gallery in Paddington.


1-21 April 2011,
Monday – Saturday 10:00-18:00,
Sunday – by appointment +
+44 (0) 20 7788 7658

2 Kingdom street,
Paddington Central,
W2 6PY.

How Much:

The exhibition curated by Mila Askarova, the founder and CEO of Gazelli Art House, will showcase works by Aziz + Cucher, Jane McAdam Freud, Saad Qureshi, Mark Prethero and Niyaz Nadjafov.

Down to Earth will be a second exhibition of the series of five, loosely based around the theme of 5 elements – Fire, Earth, Air, Ether, and Bodhi.

Through grand openings, artists talks, workshops and collaborations with other art forms Gazelli Art House intends to invite individuals to embark on a journey of understanding art, establishing bespoke dialogues and relationships between artists, writers, specialists, students and novice, in order to provide a new setting for the creation of contemporary art and deliver the message of the finest international artists to a wide audience of both new and established collectors.

15. April 2011

Down to Earth Sculpture Seminar

Chaired and lead by Richard Wentworth

‘Down to Earth’ is predominantly a sculptural exhibition with work by Jane McAdam Freud, Saad Qureshi and Aziz+Cucher demonstrating the remarkable variety of practice and theoretical approach.

The aim of our seminar is to provide a starting point to discuss contemporary trends, address issues facing both curatorial and artistic practice and deliver a lively debate on the process of making and looking at sculpture in the 21st C.

The event will begin with a tour of the exhibition in which Saad Qureshi and Jane McAdam Freud will discuss their work and will then flow into a more universal discussion on sculpture lead by renowned British sculptor Richard Wentworth. As part of the seminar, Richard Wentworth will discuss his own practice and experience – both as an artist and a teacher and will then lead into a more general discussion of contemporary trends which will offer the opportunity for audience discussion.

The seminar is free and open to both general public and art professionals but booking is essential 0207 788 7658

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